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This 'stretch-out' album is well worth your effort. "Paolantonio" who studied with pianist and composer Lennie Tristano, mixes it up at the keyboard with jackhammer lines, crackling middle-register block chords, tinkling embellishments, dizzy counterpoint and walking bass figures. These are long performances - the shortest runs 8:13 - but, as they say, time flies when you're having fun. In addition to Paolantonio, bassist Don Gladstone, drummer Bobby Cohen, guitarist Scott Sawyer, and clarinetist & alto saxophonist Mike Waddell appear. Sawyer grabs you on the title cut with soul and intellect, sort of like bluesman B.B. King meeting jazzman Jim Hall. Waddell's clarinet is a revelation. Here's a Triangle area reedman that could give Eddie Daniels fits. Much of the consistent drive and lift of this album belongs to Gladstone and Cohen. You could go into battle riding on the bassist's big, indefatigable beat" -- O. Cordle (News and Observer - 11/98). 

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"My Years With Lennie Tristano" - This truly remarkable method for learning how to play real jazz using a large "vocabulary" of chords, melodies, rhythms and scales will inspire budding jazz pianists. Finally, a book (200 pages) that offers a structured, disciplined approach that guarantees success if followed faithfully. 

Only three major requirements are needed to complete this method and become a great improviser - first, the desire and self discipline to do all the work in the order that it is presented in the book; second, spend an equal amount of time on all four categories; third, to have faith, patience and understanding that progress will be slow, but steady. Click on the link "Ed's Book" in the side bar opposite for more details

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